Case study: slip in a restaurant in Italy

When we go abroad, the last thing we expect to happen is an injury.  Unfortunately, they are an all- too-frequent occurrence and many thousands of people end up in foreign hospitals following an accident abroad.  

One person that suffered such an incident was a 67-year-old man from Carlisle who had been on holiday in Italy when the accident happened.  

Our client booked a package holiday to Naples for himself and his wife for one week.  They were staying at a four-star hotel and were half way through their week away when he was involved in an accident.  

The couple had decided to eat at the hotel restaurant for dinner.  They were finding their way to their table when our client slipped on some food that had fallen on the ground but had not been cleared up.  
He fell heavily to the ground, landing awkwardly on his left leg.  He was taken to a hospital in a great deal of pain and it was determined that serious damage had been done to the ligaments in his leg.  He also had some damage to his hip, which was already in a poor condition.  

His injuries meant that he could not put much weight on his left leg for a lengthy period of time, preventing him from moving around well.  He also failed to recover quickly from his hip injury and after six months, underwent a hip replacement operation, which was a success.  

His daughter contacted us on his behalf, wondering if he would be able to claim compensation.  We told her that we would be able to help her father to make a claim and explained our service.  

Her father was pleased that he would have the chance of recovering compensation for his injury, as it had severely impacted his usual activities, such as gardening.  He telephoned us and asked us to help him make the compensation claim.  

A member of our panel of solicitors examined the details of his case and, almost exactly one year after the injury, we were able to settle the claim for £24,000.  Our client was delighted with the outcome.  


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