Case study: man loses arm on diving holiday 

Mr J, 32, from Devon, had decided to go on a diving holiday with a scuba diving holiday organiser in the Red Sea. He is a proficient diver and has done many trips all over the world with scuba schools as an instructor.

However, when he got caught in a strong current, he realised he was in trouble. As much as he tried to keep up with the group, he kept getting dragged away, and started to panic. He was using up a lot of air, and despite making repeat arm movements in the water, nobody saw him.

The divers ahead of Mr J had taken it in turns to get into the boat and to help each other out of the water. When he reached the boat, there was nobody left and he was still trying to get to the landing platform when the boat motor started to turn. The holiday operators thought all the divers were on board.

Mr J tried to signal his presence, but again nobody saw him. A swell was making it very difficult to board the boat. Exhausted and with very little air left, he found it too difficult to get out of the water alone. The boat at this point started to turn around, and he was dragged into the path of the propeller, lost his arm and sustained a nasty shoulder injury.

Mr J approached YouClaim and his claim was accepted on a no win, no fee basis. A solicitor with specialist knowledge of holiday accidents took on his case and successfully sued the tour operator for damages. He received £53,000 in compensation for the injury. The man, a carpenter by trade, also received a substantial award for future loss of earnings.


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