Case study: injured hand after landing on broken glass following trip on a cruise ship

Our customer had been looking forward to a cruise in the Mediterranean for a long time. However, when he slipped and landed on a broken bottle, he sustained a serious hand injury. His accident not only spoiled his vacation but also forced him to take three months off work.

Injured by broken glass

Toby, a 32-year-old carpenter from Wales, had been saving up for months to book a family holiday. Two weeks cruising in the Mediterranean, the vacation should have been idyllic; instead, it turned into a holiday nightmare which left him with no option but to seek the help of a solicitor.

The family had been enjoying the cruise for nearly the full two weeks when things suddenly took a turn for the worse. On an evening out to watch the ship's family entertainment, Toby tripped on his shoelace. When he put his hands out to stop his fall, his right hand landed on broken glass which had not been cleaned up by staff nor had a warning sign been placed near it.

His hand was bleeding terribly and medical experts on the boat rushed to the scene; after several hours and with some bandages, the bleeding finally seemed to stop. Two days later when the boat docked in England, he had still not regained the complete feeling in his hand and decided to visit a doctor.

Toby's local doctor confirmed that the broken glass had caused some damage to his hand but expected that Mr Mathews would make a full recovery in several months. Whilst unable to carry out his work as a carpenter and sat at home all day, the father of two contacted YouClaim.

After speaking with a lawyer, he was advised to see an independent medical expert who could confirm the injuries he had sustained from the accident. With the dedicated efforts of his solicitor who dealt with every aspect of the claim, including getting hold of witness accounts, Toby received £2,250 for his hand injury and £4,500 for loss of earnings

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