Case study: cut foot after stepping on broken glass by the swimming pool on a cruise ship

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, you could be eligible to make a claim with the help of an experienced lawyer at YouClaim.

Each year we receive a huge number of calls from people seeking legal advice, especially following the summer months when many have been involved in holiday accidents. In October 2005, YouClaim took a call from Mr Harrow from London, a builder who wanted to make a claim after a family cruise to Italy turned into a nightmare vacation.

Here is his story

"We'd been looking forward to a two-week break for months. It was going to be a relaxing holiday but in the end it left me out of work for two months and caused us all a great deal of stress, especially when we didn't have a full-time income.

We were onboard a stunning cruise ship and up until the last couple of days we had absolutely no complaints. One day before we returned back to the UK my wife and I went for a swim while the kids were at the activity centre. We put our towels down on the sunbeds and walked over to the pool. When I got closer to the pool I felt a sharp stabbing pain on my foot. I looked down and there was broken glass right there next to the pool.

My foot started bleeding heavily and I couldn't walk. A medically trained member of staff was called to the pool and they treated my foot right there and then by taking out the large and small piece of glass that had been lodged in my foot.

When I returned home it was still very painful to walk on my foot and I decided to get it checked out. It was discovered that the glass had damaged some of the nerves in my foot which is why I was finding it so hard to walk.

Loss of earnings

I was told to rest at home for at least a couple of months, which prevented me from working and generating a needed income. I decided to search the internet for no win, no fee companies and came across YouClaim in Google. After reading about their previous cases which had been successful and that there were no costs involved during the claims process, I decided to give them a call.

My claim was taken care of by a lawyer who had a specialist interest in holiday accidents. The solicitor handled every aspect of the claims process and all I needed to do was visit an independent medical expert who could confirm that my foot had sustained injuries from broken glass. After several months of negotiations with the holiday company, they finally accepted liability for the broken glass and my subsequent injuries. In total I was awarded £5,900 which included £2,700 for my foot injury and £3,200 for loss of earnings."

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