Colon and Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

It is the tragic reality that a misdiagnosis of bowel cancer can mean the difference between life and death – as such any person who has suffered this reality or lost a loved one in these circumstances can make a claim for misdiagnosis compensation.

Bowel cancer is a major killer in the United Kingdom, and is the third most common of all cancers, with around 38,000 diagnoses of the illness made each year. Around 16,000 people will die of the cancer each year, with two-thirds suffering it in the colon and the remaining one-third in the rectum.

Although the NHS has a screening programme for the cancer, cases still go undiagnosed and misdiagnosed as a result of medical negligence. An accurate and early diagnosis of bowel cancer can make a real difference in prognosis, greatly increasing the patient's chances of survival.

Conversely, a misdiagnosis at this early stage can be fatal, as patients who are diagnosed at the advanced stage have only a 6% five-year survival rate. This is in stark contrast with the five-year survival rate of 90% for patients who are diagnosed with cancer at an early stage.

Make a claim for Colon or Bowel Cancer

Patients who suffer misdiagnosis are entitled to make a claim for this situation if it can be proved that the standard of care provided by the diagnostic provider fell below the standard of care reasonably expected. This could be a failure to correctly interpret results, a failure to order diagnostic tests or a failure to perform tests to an acceptable level.

Whether you are looking to claim misdiagnosis compensation from a GP or an NHS or private hospital following an instance of colon or bowel cancer misdiagnosis, YouClaim can help you mount the strongest possible claim for damages.

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