Case study: Apprentice Falls from Boxes in a Warehouse

Compensation: £2,200



Mr F was working as a welding apprentice in a warehouse when he had his accident. Mr F was climbing some makeshift stairs that collapsed, causing him to fall hard onto a concrete floor and hurt his back. Mr F came to YouClaim for help and we were able to secure him £2,200 in compensation.

The Accident:

Mr F was aged 18 at the time of his accident and working in a Birmingham warehouse as an apprentice welder. One of Mr F’s colleagues asked him to bring some sheets of metal from the warehouse into the main work area. When he went to fetch them, he found that some boxes had been arranged as makeshift steps leading up to the area in which the sheets were stored. As he climbed these boxes, one of them slipped and he fell about 10 feet onto the concrete floor


The Claim:

As a result of his accident Mr F was taken to hospital for immediate treatment. He had to take three weeks off work in order to recover from his injury and during this time decided to look into making a compensation claim. However, he was very concerned about how much the claim would cost him as he had not been in work long.


The Case:

Mr F contacted YouClaim and was reassured that his case could be taken on on a no win no fee basis. He was assigned a solicitor and his claim was pursued. Mr F’s YouClaim solicitor spent six months negotiating with his employer’s insurer’s before an agreement could be made.


Settling the case: compensation

Mr F’s solicitor was able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement of £2,200 for Mr F. He was very happy with the result of his claim as he received compensation for his injury, his lost wages, and reimbursement for prescription medication. 


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