Case study: claim of office worker who broke wrist after falling down stairs at work

Compensation: £12,500



Mr A suffered serious injuries after falling down stairs as a result of torn carpet that had not been repaired. After the accident, Mr A was left with a broken wrist and bruised coccyx. He decided to make a claim for compensation against his employer and contacted YouClaim. After arranging for Mr A to see a medical expert we were able to secure him £12,500 in compensation.


The Accident:

Mr A had worked in the same office for around 15 years. He had noticed a tear in the carpet on the stairs some time before his accident and despite him informing his employers about this, nothing was done to repair the carpet. Around one year after he had first noticed the tear, Mr A was rushing down the stairs and he tripped over the torn carpet, falling down 15 steps. Mr A was taken to hospital and was found to have suffered a broken wrist and bruised coccyx.


The Claim:

After his accident, Mr A was required to stay in hospital for a couple of days before returning home with his hand in plaster. He was angry because he had informed his employer on several occasions that the tear on the staircase was unsafe and yet nothing had been done. Mr A decided to contact YouClaim to make a claim against his employers. He was assigned a solicitor to take on his case.


The Case:

Although at first Mr A felt unsure about making a claim against an employer he considered to be a friend, he decided that it was the right thing to do as his accident would have been entirely preventable if his employer had simply taken heed of his warnings. His YouClaim solicitor arranged for Mr A to be seen by a medical expert who could assess his injuries and sent a letter of claim to the employer. Mr A’s employer was keen to settle the case as he did not want to tarnish his company’s image with a court case. Resultantly, he accepted liability for the accident.


Settling the case: compensation 

YouClaim helped Mr A to secure £12,500 in damages, which included £2,500 for the coccyx injury and £5,000 for the broken wrist, plus £5,000 to cover Mr A’s loss of earnings. Mr A was very happy with this settlement.


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