Knee Injury At Work Claims

Knee injuries are very common in Britain and a significant proportion of these injuries are sustained at work. Though many of the thousands of British people who suffer from this type of injury will have been hurt as the result of a sporting activity, there are those whose injuries are actually the fault of their employers.

These accidents at work can take the form of sudden and traumatic impacts or the injury might be the result of a prolonged period of occupational wear and tear.

If you have suffered a knee injury in a non-work situation you may still be able to make a personal injury claim. See our knee injury compensation calculator to find out how much you could be due.

How might the knee be damaged at work?

The knee can be damaged at work in several ways. Here are some examples of the kinds of knee injuries our solicitors help people claim for:

  • Tendon injury - this type of injury can be quite serious as the tendons hold both the upper and lower parts of the leg together as well as the patella (knee cap).
  • Articular cartilage injury - damage to the lining of the cartilage and knee joint, causing discomfort and restricting mobility. This type of injury can be difficult to diagnose as it is not always evident on an X-ray and sometimes needs to be investigated by means of an arthroscopy (a highly specialised tool used for examining the joint).
  • ligament injury - many sports fans will be familiar with these injuries as to many sportspeople, particularly footballers, this kind of injury represents a considerable hazard. Types of knee ligament injury a person might suffer in a work accident include anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.
  • Beat knee or bursitis - Formerly known as handmaid's knee, bursitis is often caused by occupational stress on the knee. Repetitive or wearing work can cause the bursa to become inflamed, reducing mobility and causing pain and discomfort. Bursitis is sometimes called miner's knee because of its association with miners who spend a great deal of their working lives kneeling on hard surfaces.

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