Farm Accident Claims

The farming and agricultural industry is one of the most dangerous sectors for employees due to the physically demanding labour and dangerous machinery involved. Thousands of accidents occur on UK farms every year despite extensive regulation from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other authorities.

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The risks of working on a farm

There are many risks of agricultural work, but the most obvious involve equipment and vehicles, including combine harvesters, tractors and hay baling machinery. Read more about the different types of accidents we often deal with below:

Combine harvester accidents

Due to the enormous size and weight of the machinery, plus the repetitive nature of harvesting a field, combine harvesters can be extremely dangerous. The utmost care should be taken at all times by farm employees to avoid large ruts in the field, debris, trees, walkers and animals.


Many of the vehicles and machinery on a farm have exposed wires, and if a fault should go undiscovered through your employer’s failure to regularly carry out the necessary safety checks, you could be at risk of being electrocuted.   

Exposure to harmful chemicals and gases

Farm work exposes you to a number of chemicals that, if not handled correctly, can cause damage to your health. Chemicals you may come into contact with include detergents, disinfectants, pesticides and veterinary medicines.

Falling from a height

Falls from height are the second highest cause of death and major injury on a farm, according to the HSE. Working on fragile roofs, stacking and loading hay bales and using ladders are also considered to be hazardous and should be properly planned, carried out and supervised by competent workers.

Farm animal incidents

Working with any animal has the potential to be dangerous. However, farm workers are more at risk due to the size and number of farm animals dealt with on a regular basis, as well as the unpredictability of an animal’s behaviour.

Hay bale injuries

Hay bales can weigh between 25 and 60 kg, depending on their size, so it is clear they can cause injury if incorrectly stacked or handled. Incorrectly stacked hay bales are prone to collapsing onto an individual, and poorly secured bales can easily roll off the vehicle transporting them.

Noise-induced hearing loss

Due to the often loud and repetitive noises on a farm, if appropriate personal protective equipment, such as headphones and earplugs, isn’t provided, then you are more likely to suffer with noise-induced hearing loss.  

Lifting and handling injuries

Farming is a very physical job that involves heavy lifting and the handling of heavy items, including hay bales and animal feed, which could cause injury.

Where machinery such as forklift trucks need to be used, care should be taken to prevent rollover, and seat belts and lap straps should be equipped on all farming vehicles.

Log splitter accidents

Firewood processing machines are normally used in agriculture or forestry work to cut or split logs down to size. This kind of equipment presents several dangers to workers and appendages such as saws and splitting mechanisms can lead to crushing or trapping injuries.

Poorly-maintained machinery

Farm owners must ensure that all farming machinery is suitable to carry out the work it is intended for at all times. All staff should be competent and well trained in its use, and personal protective equipment should be provided to all employees.

Tractor accidents

Crashes and accidents in a tractor are big risks for farmers and other agricultural workers, and can often lead to serious injury.

Vibration white finger

Regular exposure to vibrations through power tools and other machinery can cause vibration white finger, especially if suitable protective equipment is not provided or regular breaks are not given.

Working in confined spaces

There are many areas on a farm that call for working in a confined space, including fuel storage tanks, grain silos and slurry pits. These should only be entered as an absolute necessity, with work completed outside the space to avoid the risk of drowning, asphyxiation and toxic poisoning. 

Why do accidents happen?

There are a range of potential reasons for an accident occurring on a farm. However, the most common causes we have come across include:

  • Inadequate training or lack of competence
  • Technologically hazardous environments
  • Risk taking and unsafe practices
  • Environmental factors
  • Poor management
  • Lack of health and safety training
  • Not following manufacturer advice
  • Not using appropriate safety guards
  • Poorly assembled machinery

How YouClaim can help

Farming injuries can be very serious and debilitating for the victim. Every claim is completely different, meaning it is difficult to determine exactly how much compensation you will be awarded for an injury. However, YouClaim’s team of expert personal injury solicitors will take into account all the factors that have been affected by your injury and ensure adequate compensation is provided.

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