Case study: claim of factory worker whose finger was amputated after an accident at work

Compensation: £7,500



Mrs Kaur was carrying out her factory job when her hand was caught in the stamping machine that she had been using. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors were unable to save Mrs Kaur’s finger and it was amputated, leaving her seriously debilitated. YouClaim secured £7,500 compensation for Mrs Kaur. 

The Accident:

Mrs Kaur was using a powerful stamping machine when her hand became caught in the mechanism and her little finger was badly mangled. She was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to save her finger and were forced to amputate the remaining skin and bone.  

The Claim

The accident was hugely painful and Mrs Kaur had to take over a month off work. Now with only four fingers on her left hand she was unable to continue doing her previous job and so had to be reassigned elsewhere in the factory. After Mrs Kaur discovered that the machine she had been working on, at the time of her accident, was supposed to be fitted with a safety guard, she became angry with her employers and decided to pursue a claim for compensation. 

The Case:

Mrs Kaur came to us with her claim and instructed a solicitor who was an expert in work-related accidents. At first, the factory owners denied liability for Mrs Kaur’s accident, but as we gathered more and more evidence to demonstrate the lack of safety measures that they had taken, they had no choice but to accept responsibility.  

Settling the case: compensation

After Mrs Kaur’s employers accepted liability it was a case of building a loss of earnings report, compiling expenses and assessing the compensation that Mrs Kaur should receive for her injuries. The case was settled at around £7,500. This money was to compensation Mrs Kaur for the pain and suffering that she had endured, all the travel and prescription expenses she had paid for and the loss of earnings that her month off work had resulted in.


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