Nail Gun Accident Claims

One of the more dangerous hand-held tools available on the building site is a nail-gun, which has been involved in a huge number of work accidents in the past. While not all incidents are as drastic as an American worker who barely survived being shot in the head and spine with six long nails, the Health and Safety Executive has had to take action in several cases.

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How Can Injuries Be Prevented?

The machine can be very dangerous and causes hundreds of injuries every year, both in the workplace and to people trying to do their own small-scale build at home.

Ways of preventing injuries include:

  • Safety features - many tools now come with a safety catch, preventing nails from being fired if the catch is not released. It is good advice to purchase models with this feature, and to check periodically that the feature is operative.
  • Safety clothing - gloves, steel-toed boots, padded jackets, and eye protectors - can all help to prevent an injury being sustained by the user.
  • Safety courses - there are courses in nail gun usage, such as the City & Guilds 2342: Safe use of Pneumatic and Gas Operated Nailers. These are not compulsory, but any employer whose workers sustain a construction injury through lack of appropriate training may well be held liable for the accident.

If these measures are not followed by your employer you could claim.

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If you have been injured by a nail gun in a accident, then we could help you claim the compensation that you deserve for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

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