Case study: claim of construction worker who suffered serious burns in a galvanising accident

Compensation: £7,000


Mr Stanfield was lowering material into a galvanising bath using a pulley system when he suffered burns to his arms, face and hands. Mr Stanfield came to YouClaim to make a claim as he felt he had not received adequate training from his employer. YouClaim secured £7,000 compensation for Mr Stanfield.

The Accident:

Mr Stanfield, from Leeds, was aged 20 when he had his accident. He was employed as a construction worker and had only been in his job for a few months when he was asked to carry out a galvanising task. The work involved lowering material into a galvanising bath using ropes on pulleys and his colleagues assumed that Mr Stanfield would find this job relatively easy. However, Mr Stanfield was not familiar with this particular activity and encountered difficulty in lowering the bath. Resultantly, Mr Stanfield removed his protective goggles so that he could see more clearly. As he did this, an eruption of molten zinc burst onto his arms, face and hands.

The Claim:

After the accident, Mr Stanfield was rushed to hospital and luckily found that his eyes were not affected by the explosion. His face, arms and hands, however, had suffered serious burns. Mr Stanfield contacted YouClaim to make a claim for compensation as he felt that he wouldn’t have been injured if he had received proper training prior to carrying out the galvanising task. He was allocated a solicitor to act on his behalf.

The Case:

Although Mr Stanfield had been given some safety equipment, including protective gloves, goggles and a hard hat, he wasn't given proper instruction on what to do in the event of a problem lowering the material into the bath. It had been in the face of such problems that Paul had removed his mask and subsequently suffered burns. His YouClaim solicitor argued Paul should have had full training, and not just equipment provisions, prior to carrying out this dangerous task.

Settling the case: compensation

YouClaim successfully settled Mr Stanfield’s case. He was awarded £7,000 compensation for disfiguring burns to his face, neck and hands.


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