Claims for Demolition Accidents

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries during a demolition of any kind, YouClaim can pursue compensation on your behalf if the accident could have been avoided.

We are on your side when it comes to fighting the injustice of a demolition accident caused by somebody else’s negligence. Our solicitors will work hard to secure you the compensation to help you or your loved one return as close to a position as before the accident as possible.  

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About demolition accidents

Sites such as nuclear power plants, chemical works, gasworks, mines and factories all contain specialist technology and substances, including chemicals, radioactive materials, asbestos and explosives. As such, their dismantlement and demolition should never be undertaken with a "wrecking ball" approach. To do so may risk an event such as a nuclear meltdown, chemical leak, asbestos exposure or a serious explosion.

Because of these risks, every aspect of a demolition or dismantlement must be carefully planned and choreographed, with full risk assessments and training provided for those involved.

Common causes of demolition accidents

Injuries and deaths caused by demolition accidents are usually caused by premature explosions, the premature collapse of buildings and falls from height from scaffolding. Injuries can also occur when workers are not prepared for a detonation and the force or surprise of the explosion.

Employers must ensure the safety of all workers by implementing detailed safety procedures and providing extensive training. Areas should be thoroughly checked before detonations and enough time must be given to workers to evacuate a site.

Who is responsible?

In the event that employers or managers fail to ensure workers receive necessary training, protective equipment or risk assessments and injury consequently occurs, those affected can contact solicitors to discuss a compensation claim.

How YouClaim can help

If you have suffered injuries in an industrial setting, our solicitors can ensure you have the best possible chance of receiving the damages you deserve. Our client-centred service works hard to make sure that your claim can be made stress-free, under a no win, no fee agreement that protects you from legal costs in the event your case is unsuccessful.

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