Case Study: Burns Injury After Accident Working in a Coffee Shop


Mrs O was awarded £12,000 compensation

After an accident at work in a coffee shop left her with burns to her arm, chest and face, Mrs O decided to claim compensation from her employer. Solicitor Liz Fletcher took on Mrs O’s case and was able to secure her client compensation of £12,000.


The incident

Mrs O was working in a coffee shop and was instructed by her manager to polish cutlery. In order to get hot water to polish cutlery, the staff at the coffee shop would use the hot water tap on the coffee machine to fill a bucket. As Mrs O was doing this, the tap got caught on the lip of the bucket and she was splashed with hot water on her face, arm and chest. Following this incident, Mrs O visited the hospital where she was referred to the Burn’s unit. She was left with unsightly burns across a large portion of her chest, as well as smaller areas on her face and arm.


The claim

Mrs O decided that she wished to claim compensation from her employers and was appointed solicitor, Liz Fletcher of JMW Solicitors. Liz got started right away by sending a letter of claim to Mrs O’s employers and by retrieving her medical records and the records of her accident at work. Liz also arranged for her client to see a plastic surgeon who could assess Mrs O’s injuries and make a prognosis for recovery. The plastic surgeon who assessed Mrs O confirmed that she had suffered hyperpigmentation to the right side of her face and her right arm. More significantly, Mrs O had also suffered deep damage and hyperpigmentation to a large area of her chest that she felt very self-conscious of.

It was also confirmed that Mrs O had been in a lot of pain for around one month and that she would need to use a specialist cream for some time in order to combat the damage.


The case

Mrs O’s employers quickly admitted liability for the accident. The system which they had in place for collecting hot water was clearly dangerous and was changed subsequent to Mrs O’s accident.

With liability admitted, it was for Liz to ascertain how much her client was owed in damages, not just as a result of the injury, but also as a result of any extra costs that she had accrued. Liz asked Mrs O to compile a schedule of losses which would take into account such factors as transport costs, medical costs and the costs of assistance for housework.  With these amassed, Liz contacted the employer’s insurers to begin the process of negotiating a settlement.


Settling the claim

Initially the defendants made an offer of £7,000 which Liz and Mrs O deemed to be too low. Liz communicated this to the insurers and they agreed to try and achieve a settlement that was fairer to the injured party. After some negotiations, Mr O was offered compensation of £12,000. After consulting with Liz, Mrs O was very pleased to accept this offer.


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