About wrist injuries

Wrist injuries are usually caused by accidents and can be difficult to prevent. They include sprains, dislocations and broken bones and often occur when trying to break a fall with your hands or from a direct impact to the wrists. 

These types of injuries can often be sudden and cause instant, severe pain and tenderness with swelling, lack of movement, or crookedness, requiring medical evaluation quickly after the accident. 

What your wrist injury could be worth

Wrist injuries vary in scale and sufferers could be in line for varying levels of compensation.  Guideline figures for this type of injury include:

  • Simple fracture - Approx. £2,500 - £6,000
  • Quite serious injuries - Approx. £10,000 - £20,000
  • Severe injuries with permanent disability - Approx. £20,000 to £30,000
  • Loss of the use of your wrist - Approx. £35,000 - £50,000

Other Types of Wrist Injuries

Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and, in children, breaks in the growing part of the bones are all common injuries. These injuries often develop over time from constant snap-and-twist motions of the wrist.

  • Tendonitis results from a sudden twist-and-snap motion. It can be caused by work or sports-related activities, such as tennis, golf, bowling, weight lifting, and rowing. 
  • Nerve damage may be caused by external pressure from handles of racquets, sticks, or bats, or by the pressure from leaning on bicycle handlebars.
  • Growing bone injuries in children may lead to stunted or abnormal growth at the ends of the forearm bones and damage to the joint.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common repetitive motion injury.  It is the biggest problem associated with regular use of a computer keyboard.  It usually affects your writing hand and begins with pain and tingling or numbness at the base of the thumb.  If not treated, the symptoms may progress to a weakened grip, severe pain in the forearm or shoulder, or permanent loss of muscle in the hand. 

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