Naturally, knee injuries can be extremely painful and disrupt daily life.  Their most common causes include:

  • Slips and trips in the workplace
  • Falls in public
  • Falls at home
  • Sporting activities
  • Road traffic accidents

What your injury could be worth

The level of compensation you may be entitled to will vary, depending on the severity of your injury.  Guideline amounts include:

  • Non-serious injuries - Up to approx. £11,000
  • Serious injuries, possibility of future surgery requirements - Approx. £21,000 to £35,000
  • Highly serious injuries, requiring extensive treatment - Approx. £40,000 to £80,000

The amounts we have included are guideline amounts only, and do not make provision for compensation awarded for monetary losses, such as time off work and care and assistance provided to you. Your lawyer will be able to provide you with a more accurate idea of how much you could receive for your specific injuries when they have learned more about your case and have a good idea of your medical prognosis.

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