Jaw injury compensation: how much could you claim?

Facial injuries always have the potential to be dangerous due to the vulnerability of the area affected.  Injuries to the jaw can be very painful and have a significant effect on an individual’s ability to speak, eat and drink. 

Jaw injuries can range from minor bruising to dislocations, fractures and complete breaks of the jawbone.  The most common causes are are injuries to the face, these typically occur due to assaults, industrial accidents, motor vehicle accidents and participation in sports. 

Symptoms include stiffness, swelling, bleeding from the mouth, loose or damaged teeth and difficulty opening the mouth.  Complications can range from bleeding to blocked airways and difficulty talking or breathing.

Possible claim amounts

There are many potential levels of compensation you could receive in the event of a jaw injury, including:

  • Damage to teeth - Approx. £900 to £9,000
  • Permanently damaging fracture - Approx. £15,000 to £25,000
  • Severe injuries involving permanent consequences - Approx. £25,000 to £38,000

Claims for the most serious injuries such as fractures and dislocations can expect to receive large amounts of compensation due to the ill effects they have on a person’s ability to eat or breathe coupled with the amount of surgical treatment required. Minor injuries such as bruising will not be rewarded by large amounts of compensation.

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