The ability of a person to perform manual tasks literally hinges on the elbow. This is why if someone suffers an elbow injury in an accident that was not their fault, making a personal injury claim can be very important, as the money awarded will help ease any financial pressures faced as a result of the accident. 

We can help those with an elbow injury claim anywhere up to £44,330 for their injury, depending upon the severity of the injury. 

Compensation amounts - what could your injury be worth? 

  • Non-serious injuries - Up to approx. £10,000
  • Serious injuries - Up to approx. £26,000
  • Severe injuries - Up to approx. £45,000

Common types and causes

One of the most common types of elbow injuries we see are those suffered in slips, trips and falls. 

These injuries may be suffered in holiday accidents, car accidents or sports accidents but are most commonly suffered as a result of work accidents. 

The other type of injury most commonly seen are those which develop as a result of excessive wear and tear. These are commonly referred to as RSI or tennis elbow and, despite the nickname, are most commonly caused by the workplace.

Get in touch to make a claim 

Once the potential compensation claim for your elbow injury has been assessed, your solicitor will be able to make a more accurate estimate of how much you are likely to receive in compensation. 

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