Cheekbone injury compensation claims: how much could you claim?

Cheekbone injuries can be very painful and are common among those who play sports.  Fractures are the most frequent form of injury and these will often result in bruising, soreness, loss of sensation, flatness of the cheek and swelling. The face is a vulnerable area and injuries to the cheekbone can have a detrimental effect on the eye, causing pain and problems with sight.

Injuries can range in severity with the most serious requiring surgery and leading to permanent damage. In these sorts of claims, a greater amount of compensation is likely to be paid out.

What could you be entitled to? 

The estimated average cheekbone injury claim amounts include:

  • Minor fracture with no surgery: £1,500 to £2,500
  • Minor fracture with surgery: £3,500 to £5,500
  • Severe fracture: £8,200 to £13,000

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