Manchester Commuters Survey: Worst Reactions to Public Transport by Region

Our recent Greater Manchester Commuters Survey noted high levels of dissatisfaction from commuters about the city’s roads and public transport network. So, we decided to take a closer look at the results to discover which areas are worse than others when it comes to battling through the rush hour.


Over 600 people shared their views on their journeys to and from work, and a staggering 85% voiced negative opinions. But which region saw it as the most expensive? And which area thought that public transportation was packed to the rafters with people? We investigate those regions where commuters were most damning about their services.     

Most expensive

Over half of the responses from Bury’s commuters described ticket prices as being too costly, with most respondents claiming the Metrolink service is a “very expensive service” despite there being “frequent problems with their trams and the network as a whole”.


One disgruntled commuter describes how “it is cheaper for my partner and I to drive to work (in an old, not so fuel efficient car) and pay for city centre parking,” because there is no incentive to use the “overcrowded Metrolink where you can’t even raise your arm to itch your nose, never mind sit down”.

Most overcrowded

Almost three quarters of all respondents from Bolton described public transport as being overcrowded, with some describing the state of train services between Manchester and Bolton as “genuinely unsafe and sometimes inhumane,” despite having to pay extortionate ticket prices.


Suggestions for solving the overcrowding problem include extending the Metrolink service to this area, adding more carriages during peak times and providing more frequent services as “there are two train services that get to Manchester before 8am (07:08 and 07:12),” which are “overcrowded in the morning and result in passengers being forced on like sardines”.

Most stressful

The Wigan to Manchester commute has been dubbed the most stressful journey by 67% of those from the Wigan borough. Reasons for this include trains being too small to deal with the amount of passengers travelling, as well as roadworks being scheduled at inconvenient times and in the busiest places.


However, most respondents were despondent about the construction of the new busway between Leigh and Manchester, saying all bus lanes should be removed “like they have successfully done in Liverpool and are about to do in Coventry” and replaced with an “expansion of the tram network”.


What are your views on Greater Manchester’s transportation system? Do you have any suggestions on how they can improve the commute to and from the city? Let us know what you think on Twitter, @YouClaimUK.



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