Famous Sporting Injuries - David Busst's Leg Break

Name:  David Busst

Year:    1996

In April 1996 Coventry City’s David Busst suffered one of the most horrific footballing injuries, suffering a broken leg against Manchester United, which ultimately ended his career as a professional footballer.

Two minutes into the match at Old Trafford, Busst ventured forward into United’s area as his team had won a corner.  In a fair challenge for the ball, Busst collided with United players Brian McClair and Denis Irwin, resulting in compound fractures to both the tibia and fibula of his right leg.  His injuries were so severe that there were worries that he may have to have his leg amputated, he didn’t need to in the end but he did require 26 operations.  The injury was so bad that the BBC refused to show replays of what had happened.  Manchester United goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, vomited on the pitch upon seeing the injury and needed counselling afterwards.

Busst required 26 operations but due to infections suffered to his leg, he never returned to football and retired shortly after, aged 29.  Assuming Busst would retire at 35 years old, the average age of retirement for a footballer, and his salary was around £60,000 he would be looking to claim around £360,000 loss of earnings as part of his claim.

You can view the incident HERE.  Some people may find the footage difficult to watch.


Photo from Sportingheroes.net

Main Injuries Sustained:

-Compound fractures to tibia and fibula in right leg;

  • Severe leg fracture: Up to £110,000 

-Severe scarring to leg;

  • Scarring to other parts of body: Depending on severity between £5,000-£20,000

Assumed Injuries:

- Post traumatic stress disorder;

  • Moderate PTSD: £6,000-£18,500

NB Financial support would have been claimed on Busst’s behalf due to the fact he was not able to work as a footballer again.

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Figures shown above are approximate, based on experience and previous settlement amounts attributed to an individual's pain and suffering.  Final settlement awards may be worth more or less than the stated amount, depending on injury and individual personal circumstances.  Compensation amounts shown are for injury only and not loss of earnings or lifestyle maintenance.  

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