Famous Sporting Injuries - Petr Cech's Head Injury

Name:  Petr Cech

Year:    2006

15 seconds into a Reading v Chelsea game, Petr Cech came out to claim a loose ball and collided with Reading’s Stephen Hunt.  As the collision occurred the commentator that day, Richard Kaufman, described it as “a bit of a knock”, but little did he know how bad the injury actually was.

Cech was rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital where they established he needed emergency brain surgery.  He was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital where two loose pieces of skull were lifted away from the brain and were substituted with metal plates inserted into his head.  Ironically Carlo Cudicini, who came on for Petr Cech, also suffered a head injury and was substituted himself due to concussion.  Doctors claimed that, had the pieces of broken skull pushed deeper, Cech could have died.  Cech still maintains that he cannot remember actually sustaining the injury.

VIDEO: Petr Cech's head injury vs Reading


Petr Cech in his protective headgear following the injury. Photo from Sky Sports.

Main Injuries Sustained:

-Depressed Skull Fracture:

  • Head Injury: £3,000-£30,000

-Concussion, falling in and out of consciousness. Confusion:

  • Mild head injury (minimal brain damage): £1,500-£10,000

Assumed Injuries:

-Post-traumatic stress disorder (Cech was adamant on wearing protective headgear)

  • Mild PTSD: £3,000-£6,600


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