Famous Sporting Injuries - Glenn McGrath's Ankle Injury

Name:  Glenn McGrath

Year:    2005

While not as serious as some of the other injuries in this series of blogs, this entry shows how easily you can be injured in any walk of life. 

In August 2005 during the Ashes, Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath was warming up hoping to replicate his first test form vs England, in which he was man of the match with overall figures of nine for 83 from 35.1 overs.  Due to the fact that the Australia team got to the ground 30 minutes before warm ups started, Glenn and a team mate picked up a rugby ball and began passing it to each other.  Glenn’s teammate threw a pass too long causing him to turn to run for the ball, and as he did this he stood on a cricket ball and twisted his ankle, rupturing two ligaments in the process.

McGrath was back for the third series, but it is widely acknowledged that he was rushed back too soon and could not perform to his best abilities due to the injury sustained.

VIDEO: Glenn McGrath looks recalls the freak ankle injury he suffered at Edgbaston


Photo from theindependent.co.uk

Main Injuries Sustained:

- Two ruptured ligaments in ankle;

  • Moderate to mild injuries: Up to £10,000 

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