Mike Bloor

Deputy Head of New Business Unit

Mike works for YouClaim’s partner company, JMW Solicitors as the Deputy Head of the New Business Unit dealing with incoming claims. As the first point of contact for claimants, Mike’s department, the New Business Unit, is essential when it comes to putting clients at ease and making sure that they understand the ins and outs of the claiming process. As a supervisor, Mike oversees the work of his departmental colleagues and works hard to ensure that both clients and colleagues are happy. 

How do you put new clients at ease? 

By putting myself into the clients shoes – if I am able to understand the needs and concerns of a client, and I ensure those needs precede any attempt to “sell” our service, then I believe I have done all I can to put the client at ease. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

In this industry, I speak to people who have suffered the most devastating and life changing injuries, and it is satisfying to know that that I have been able to offer a degree of help that may just be the beginning of a process that eases their burden in the future. 

Tell us something that you think most people don’t know about personal injury 

Most claimants believe that they will need to attend court. The reality is most cases are settled in an out-of-court settlement, as this serves to keep defendant costs to a minimum.

What’s your Desert Island read?

Probably Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe – I think I would need the survival tips! 

Favourite legal word?

Arbitration – sounds like the next Hollywood blockbuster!