Mark Sutton

New Business Supervisor

Mark Sutton is a key team member at YouClaim partner company, JMW Solicitors. Mark works within the New Business Unit department as a New Business Supervisor, helping new clients to get started with their claims and often giving them an introduction to the legal system. In his role, Mark focusses on client communication and retention, often providing callbacks for incoming queries within five minutes of receiving them.

How do you put new clients at ease?

Relating to clients is the most important thing. Understanding where their concerns come from and being able to explain how we can provide assistance.

Favourite part of your job?

Helping clients. I really enjoy talking to clients about what it is that has happened to them and hopefully, being able to provide them with the start to a solution. A lot of the clients who call in have had a really bad time and sometimes giving assurance and a listening ear is just as important as assigning them a solicitor.

Tell us something that you think most people don’t know about personal injury

The perception of most people seems to be that claims are complicated and time consuming. However, in cases where liability is admitted, they can be settled quite quickly, and actually a lot quicker than they used to be.

What’s your Desert Island read?

Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Every time I read this book I discover new things. (And what better way to prepare for a desert island than read a post-apocalyptic novel!)

Favourite legal word?

Judgement - Multiple meanings. My favourite being; a decision of a law court, or judge.