Jean Warde

Partner, Personal Injury

Jean works at YouClaim’s Manchester-based partner company, JMW Solicitors as a partner within Personal Injury. Jean specialises in road traffic accidents, employers’ liability claims and public liability and defective product claims. She’s been qualified for over ten years and has stayed true to Manchester where she first did her training. Jean is known for being a compassionate advocate for her clients who likes to get straight to the point for the efficient resolution of her cases.

How did you end up working in personal injury law? 

I wanted a training contract and because Personal Injury  was such a buoyant industry it seemed that such firms were the main ones offering contract.  That was a few years ago now and I’ve not looked back since!

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

I absolutely love when I come to negotiating a settlement of my client’s claim and ensuring I get them the best settlement possible; and the happiness of a client when you exceed their expectations – that puts a smile on my face!

Tell us something that you think most people don’t know about personal injury

A lot of people are under the misconception that when you have an accident you automatically get to claim compensation.  If only it were that easy!  What they need to know is that in order to succeed in making a claim for compensation, you have  to prove that the third party was negligent and it was that negligence that caused your injury.

What’s your desert island read? 

If I were on a desert Island I would not be reading!  But if I had to take a book it would be “How to survive on a desert island”.

Favourite legal word?

I don’t have a favourite word, but rather a phrase which is “Res ipsa loquitur”.  This means “the thing speaks for itself”.  I love to use it as quite often in personal injury claims it is so glaringly obvious that the third party has been negligent and you just have to spell it out to the insurers/solicitors!