Andrew Lilley

Partner and Head of Industrial Disease

Andrew heads up the Industrial Disease team at YouClaim partner firm, JMW Solicitors. Having been employed at JMW since 1999, Andrew’s experience of assisting clients who have been injured because of their workplace is invaluable. He is a vital member of the team and clients have voiced great admiration for Andy’s diligence and patience in supporting them, not just legally, but also through his friendly and approachable manner. Andy currently oversees asbestos and noise induced hearing loss claims as well as providing advice to a number of asbestos support groups.

How did you end up working in personal injury law?

In training you work in a number of areas of law. I found commercial and property aspects deadly dull, but found I enjoyed the daily contact with people from all walks of life that is a feature of personal injury work.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

In dealing with the very large cases you often get to know families over a period of years, and hopefully make the sort of marked difference to their quality of life that is otherwise only really achieved by the medical profession.  To get the right result and see the difference it makes is very humbling. It also makes you realise what struggles people with catastrophic  injuries face on a daily basis, often with unfailing cheerfulness. It puts everyday problems in perspective and makes me realise how fortunate I am.    

Tell us something that you think most people don’t know about personal injury.

That is easy. In the UK the aim of compensation is to put the victim in the position in the position they would be in had the injury not occurred. Press headlines  about   windfalls or lottery wins are misguided and unhelpful. If someone has received an amount of compensation, it is because they need it. The costs of medical treatment and future care are rarely appreciated.

What’s your desert island read?

Tricky, I will cheat slightly here and take all of the Glass family novels by JD Salinger, however the answer could change daily.

Favourite legal word or phrase?

Replevin, a word I will never forget from my training contract. (It means the right to bring a lawsuit for recovery of goods improperly taken by another).