Bus crash claims for passengers

There are many advantages to travelling by bus – it’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective and means you don’t have to fork out for car parking fees. It is also, statistically speaking, a safer option than travelling by car or train. Although passenger injuries resulting from crashes are relatively rare, they are still a risk worth bearing in mind for anyone travelling by bus or coach.

Every day tens of thousands of people travel on cross country coaches run by firms including National Express and Megabus, London buses run by TFL or on local services including First, Arriva, Go Ahead and Stagecoach, and with such a large number running it’s no surprise that accidents do happen.

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Can you claim?

There are many risks present when travelling by bus, including:

  • Malfunctioning vehicles
  • Poor driving
  • Impact from other vehicles/collisions
  • Falls if travelling standing up
  • Overcrowding

If you have sustained injuries in a bus crash such as whiplash, no matter how serious or minor, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the company that you were travelling with if they have failed in their duty of care towards you. Below are a few things that might help you when making a claim:

  • Make sure that you notify the driver that you have sustained injuries.
  • Make a note of the route number, vehicle registration number and the driver's name, if possible.
  • Make sure that you keep hold of your ticket.
  • Make a note of any witnesses to the accident and take down their contact details.

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