Cycling accidents

It seems like everyone is encouraging people onto bikes instead of into cars, for various reasons – it burns calories, reduces pollution and can make commuting much cheaper for those who live in cities.

Unfortunately, cycling on Britain’s roads can also be incredibly dangerous. Statistics show that more than 16,000 people are hurt in accidents each year, with almost 2,300 suffering serious injuries and 146 dying as a result. However, the true number of casualties is likely to be a lot higher, as it is thought that between 60% and 90% of bicycle accidents on the UK’s roads are not reported.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury on the roads and those who are hurt by the negligence of other drivers could be entitled to claim compensation for their injuries and suffering.

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Risks to cyclists

There are many risks on the roads, from the carelessness of other road users to poorly maintained cycle ways leading to accidents. Cyclists are at risk from the following:

  • Errors (failing to signal, crossing traffic)
  • Driver negligence (side swiping a bike, ignoring signals)
  • Poor roads
  • Inadequate cycle lanes
  • Not being visible in heavy traffic

Cyclists can easily be killed by vehicles, or left with seriously debilitating injuries which require life-long care.

Although limbs usually can mend in a month or two, sometimes the after-effects can linger, limiting the injured person's mobility or impacting their working life.

If this is the case, then you can make a claim against the insurers of the other vehicle involved in the collision, in order to recompense them for their suffering and loss of earnings.

Should a poor road surface or obstruction on the highway have been the cause of the accident, you may also have the basis of a case against the body responsible for maintenance.

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