Make a claim against a negligent tattoo artist

Most people think long and hard before getting a tattoo, and hope not to need a personal injury solicitor after visiting the tattooist.

The large majority of people who get tattoos are happy with the results, but sometimes, due to the negligence of the tattoo artist or tattoo parlour, the needle, as well as other things, can cause infection, and result in that person needing a solicitor.

Tattoos can be very expensive, and of course, more importantly, they are with you the rest of your life. Infections could not only deform the tattoo, but potentially make you seriously ill or even kill you.

Signs of infection after getting a tattoo are clear – redness and irritation should fade within a few days at most. If it continues, this is a probable sign of infection.

The same thing can be said for pain and swelling. If pain or swelling starts to get worse a few days after your tattoo is completed, then a doctor should be consulted.

Other important signs of infection are a fever, an unusual odour, any discharge coming from the tattoo, or red streaks and sores, which can be a sign of something serious like blood poisoning.

Tattoo parlours to steer clear of

Tattooing equipment should be as clean and hygienic as that of a hospital operating theatre.

Dirty work surfaces are a sure sign that the tattoo artist is unlikely to be using the correct procedures and regulations outlined for their profession.

As well as the environment in which the tattooing is taking place, sources of potential infection could stem from un-sterilised needles, old ink pots, the tattooist's bare hands (gloves should always be used), and the clients own skin, which should be cleaned before the tattooist begins.

Negligence on the part of the tattooist or tattoo parlour may result in some of the most dangerous types of blood-borne diseases, for example certain types of Hepatitis and even HIV, which are easily preventable if the correct precautions are used.

Consult a personal injury solicitor

Have you caught an infection from un-sterilised equipment or through any other act of negligence from a tattoo parlour?

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