Personal trainer liability and negligence claims

Any person who employs a personal trainer to help improve their health and fitness does so with the expectation that their trainer will have specialist knowledge to help them achieve their fitness objectives without harm or injury.

If you have been injured while taking part in a personal training session, boot camp or something similar you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. To discuss your situation with our team and find out whether you have a viable claim call us now on 0800 10 757 95.

Could you claim?

Although there is as yet no legal obligation for personal trainers to possess liability insurance, it is advised that they do.

This is because any negligently planned or supervised personal training sessions have the potential to result in accident and injury and may, in the absence of liability insurance, bring about the financial ruin of a personal training business.

A number of different liability insurance options exist for personal trainers, including professional liability cover, civil liability cover and professional indemnity cover – the type chosen will very much depend on the nature of the business.

If you suffer injuries while working with a personal trainer, and those injuries could not be counted as common side effects or expected side effects of the kind of exercise you are doing, your employer could be accused of professional negligence.

An example claim

It is possible to make a claim against a professional trainer for a number of circumstances. For example, in 2005 a man suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon as a result of an incident caused by an unsecured safety mat - he received around £10,000 for his injury.

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