Claiming for a Faulty or Dangerous Product

Under the Consumer Act of 1987, you are allowed to make a product liability claim if a product caused you injury through a fault or design issue. The Act covers a wide range of products that span from cars to hip replacement devices and from toys to cosmetics. All kinds of products can malfunction and cause you injury and if this does happen then you have the right to pursue a claim.

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Can you claim?

The four main ways in which a manufacturer can be found to be at fault are through:

  • Manufacturing - if an injury is caused by errors or accidents in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries caused.
  • Design - poor design can lead to faults which may cause injuries. If this is the case, the manufacturers may be responsible for any injuries caused.
  • Warnings - if there are no warnings as to possible risks or danger, and someone is injured as a result, the manufacturer again may be liable.
  • Failure to recall - if issues are found, the product should be recalled and when it is not and a fault is known to the manufacturers, they are liable for any damage it causes.   

We are experts in product liability law

It is particularly important that the solicitor you choose to represent you has specialist knowledge of this area of law because these cases can sometimes be extremely complex. In some situations, it may not be the manufacturer or the seller who is to blame, but a combination of both parties.

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It could be yourself or your home which has been damaged as a result of a faulty product. Either way, you may be due product liability compensation and we can advise you as to the likelihood of succeeding as well as representing you if you choose to go ahead.

Common faulty products

To find out more about a particular product which has caused damage or injury, choose from the list of common products that can cause injury below. If the product you are looking for is not on the list, we may still be able to help you. If you are unsure, just get in touch.