Supermarket Accident Claims

Many of us will make a visit to a supermarket such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys or Waitrose almost every week and the vast majority won’t have to think twice about the potential health and safety hazards. However, supermarkets pose a significant higher risk than many other public areas.

Management have a duty to ensure that their shop floor is a safe environment for customers and staff. Failing to abide to health and safety regulation will undoubtedly lead to a potential accident.

If you have been injured in an accident, and you believe it was caused by another party, you could be entitled to claim compensation. YouClaim’s team of experienced solicitors can help you make a supermarket accident claim. Call 0800 10 757 95 or fill in an online inquiry.

Common Accidents

The risk is not confined to any one particular kind of accident and there are a range of factors which could contribute to a customer sustaining an injury on the shop floor including:

  • Spillages - These are a main cause of accidents as they can easily lead to people suffering a slip, trip or fall.
  • Faulty trolleys - Most likely to affect young children, who frequently ride in the child seats. These may occur if a trolley is old, damaged or defective.
  • Falling objects - Both products and advertising materials, if not properly secured, may fall onto customers, potentially causing injury.

Injuries to employees

Supermarkets are big employers in the UK, with many major companies having stores in nearly every city throughout the country. They have become a part of nearly everyone's life and we rely on them to be running efficiently, with plenty of people on the tills and keeping the products fresh and well-stocked.

Thousands of people work in these shops doing a wide range of jobs in order to ensure the smooth running of the store. These jobs include shelf stacking, warehouse work, cleaning, baking, working on the cheese and fish counters, working in the pharmacy and working as a checkout assistant.

Some of these jobs, such as working as a checkout assistant, seem relatively risk-free compared to working on a building site or similar place. However, as can be seen from the number of accident claims made, there are different kinds of risks and injuries that can be sustained, and these are no less painful for those who suffer from them.

Common injuries suffered include:

  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Falls from height/ladders
  • Cuts from deli counter equipment 
  • Burns from bakery ovens
  • Slips and trips

How we can help

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