Music festival claims

Gigs and music festivals are popular with people of all ages and many people choose to go to several events every year so they can experience live acts in performance.

However, members of an audience do not always behave in the same way as they do in everyday life, and gig-goers should still be careful to avoid an injury.

The majority of incidents are either relatively minor, such as stolen or missing valuables, or are related to over-indulgence in drugs or alcohol by festival-goers. However some incidents can be attributable to wider organiser or venue-owner safety failings and, in such incidents.

Event organisers' have a duty of care to ensure they reduce the risk of an injury imposed on workers, musicians and ticket holders, during the initial construction and throughout the festival. To do this they must abide to the strict health and safety legal regulations.

Common injury types caused at a music festival

  • Falling objects - During construction, workers are significantly susceptible to a heavy scaffolding and other electrical equipment falling from the stage
  • Loss of hearing - Festival organisers must ensure they warn ticket holders and ensure all sound is kept to a safe level
  • Assault injuries - Glass bottles could be thrown or any weapons that could cause an injury
  • Slips, trips and falls - Fields can become sodden and slippery in wet weather. Festival organisers must ensure all walkways are properly fixed down and fire exits are made clearly visible

Common causes of festival injuries

  • Crowd surfing - This can cause injuries to the head and neck as well as lower limb injuries. Many festival and gig organisers have banned crowd surfing and stage diving.
  • Moshing - Pushing people into the area, or 'pit', in front of the stage, can often become violent, causing bruising and knocks to the head.

How we can help you make a claim

If you have been injured during a festival in an accident which wasn’t your fault, YouClaim can help you make a music festival accident claim against those responsible.

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