Bar and Nightclub Accident Claims

Accidents in bars and nightclubs are common occurrences and sometimes lead to considerable injuries. If you can prove the injury was not your fault, the premises posed a hazardous risk, or there was no initial warning of any danger, then you could be entitled to pursue legal action.

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Common nightclub accidents

As with all venues, the landlord who owns the pub, bar or nightclub has a ‘duty of care’. This means they are obligated to do everything possible to keep you safe from harm. However, sometimes even they can fail to spot something that should have been noticed, and that is when you could potentially have the right to claim.

The high risk of hazards in this environment means there are a variety of different common causes of accidents, including:

  • Slips, trips and falls – drink spillages and broken glass on the floor can result in an accident, with many turning out to be serious injuries.
  • Excessively loud music – club managers must ensure their sound levels are kept to a safe volume and provide all staff with hearing protection. If these safety procedures are not in place, prolonged exposure to loud music can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss.
  • Poor lighting – a lack of lighting in bars and clubs makes it difficult to see at the best of times. Managers are obliged to ensure the club is lit well enough for people to make their way around safely. There is also the risk of poor lighting or electrical faults.
  • Stairways – stairways must be kept clear and lit within clubs and bars. Failure to keep stairwells safe can result in a potentially serious or even fatal injury.

How we can help

If you have suffered an injury in a bar or nightclub and believe it was caused by the negligence of a third party, we can help you take legal action against those responsible.

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