Hair salon negligence claims

A more unusual type of compensation claim is that made for an incorrectly administered hairdressing treatment.

Simply receiving a haircut that the customer did not like or that did not suit them would not be enough to warrant legal action, unless perhaps they were a model and would lose work as a result.

However, if a client suffered a personal injury during the hair cut or hair treatment, then they could be eligible to claim against the hairdressing salon.

For example, if a careless hairdresser severely cut a customer with their scissors, or the chemicals they used to dye or bleach hair were not used in a safe manner and caused the individual's scalp to become damaged and painful, then they would probably be seen as responsible for the customer's injuries.

A case study

One example of a hairdresser negligence claim YouClaim have successfully won is in the case of GM, who was given hair highlights at a salon. The salon did not test GM's sensitivity to the dye used and the treatment resulted in an allergic reaction; causing blistering and discomfort to the scalp for five weeks.

GM contacted YouClaim, and our solicitors were able to put forward a claim on his behalf recovering £1,500 compensation for him.

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