Falling tree compensation claims

If you have suffered an injury as a result of being struck by a falling branch or tree, you may be able to receive compensation as a result of the accident.

Whether trees are on council-owned or privately-owned land, those who manage the property have a legal obligation to ensure that the trees are in good condition and pose no threat to any workers or passers-by.

A falling tree could cause serious issues if it landed on someone from a great height. If you were struck by a tree or branch, call YouClaim for free, impartial advice on whether you’re eligible to make a claim.

Who is liable for falling trees?

Although these kinds of accidents might seem unforeseen, risk assessments should be in place to predict any danger – where this has not been done and an accident has followed anyone affected may ask a solicitor to proceed with a claim.

Failing to carry out annual checks on trees adjacent to the public pathway, could pose a direct risk to the public.

Serious cases of tree accidents have included severe injuries which have often prevented people from returning to work or even requiring long-term care and support. The responsible party could include:

  • Management; the manager of a public park, private land or shared space may be liable for ensuring trees are safe and in good condition. If they’ve not upheld this responsibility and you were injured by a falling tree or branch, you may be entitled to claim.
  • Local authority; if the land is council owned the local government most likely has the responsibility of maintaining the trees for the safety of all residents. A claim against the local council would be made for any injuries to a passerby.
  • Employees; if a tree surgeon, or other worker, is maintaining the tree whilst you were injured it could be that they, or their employers, are liable for failing to maintain a safe environment and in such a case have failed to give adequate warning, use safety features or make passersby aware of the risks. 

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