Trampoline injury claims

An accident on a trampoline can often be serious. Whilst children enjoy themselves it’s all too easy to get carried away, and minor bumps and bangs can turn into drastic falls and serious injuries.

If your child has been injured you may be entitled to compensation. Our specialist legal team are experts in medical law and personal injury and have worked with many people to claim on behalf of their children.

You can make a trampoline accident claim whether the trampoline used was privately owned, hired or at a public place, and it may be a manufacturer fault, or it may be that the responsible adult is liable for the injuries to your child.

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‘Duty of care’

Anyone who has hired, rented or purchased a trampoline for personal use, an event, occasion or public place has a duty of care towards those that are using the equipment. Their duty of care requires them to:

  • Ensure the users are appropriately prepared and in an adequate physical and mental condition,
  • use safe and appropriate methods of training,
  • adequate observation of those on the trampoline,
  • set up trampolines in safe and suitable locations,
  • have a first-aider on standby,
  • use a safety net.

Alongside this, they should also take into consideration ‘reasonable foreseeability’. For example, the responsible adult should make provisions for the fact that young children are bound to become boisterous on a trampoline, taking care to provide adequate safety features. What is reasonable foreseeable will most likely be decided by a judge.

 ‘Litigation friend’

A litigation friend can act on behalf of a minor to protect their best interests. Officially, a litigation friend is classed as either the official solicitor, or a parent/family member who is claiming on behalf of a minor. An individual may require a litigation friend if:

  • they are under 18; or,
  • they lack the capacity (as outlined under the Mental Capacity Act 2005) to conduct the litigation in question.

Most often a parent will make a compensation claim after a child has been injured, but other individuals are able to take on this role, providing they can explain to the courts why they feel such a case is necessary for the child.

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We’re positive that we can help you achieve justice for your child’s injuries. Making a claim not only helps with any financial implications of being in an accident. For example, your child may need extra care, or life-long adaptations if the incident was serious, but it can also help to improve health and safety by holding those who have been negligent accountable for the results of their carelessness.

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