Compensation for playground accidents

Accidents in playgrounds are common, if not part and parcel of playing out as a child; however, serious accidents which cause severe injuries are, thankfully, rare instances, but can cause serious problems for the child and their family, many of which may be long term.

Compensation can be sought when the accident was someone else’s fault and can help the family and the child who was hurt.

Who was at fault?

In many accidents it’s difficult to determine blame, none more so than accidents involving children. Some cases will be complex and require much investigation before knowing who, if anyone was at fault, whereas in some cases it is much more straight forward to prove negligence, for example:

  • Your child was injured on faulty play equipment,
  • whilst playing on damaged apparatus, toys or equipment,
  • suffered assault or reckless behaviour from another person, or,
  • they slipped and fell due to uneven or broken flooring.

For most playground accidents, liability would lie with the management of the area, be that the local council, a school or private grounds.

Claim on behalf of a child

Your child may have suffered serious injuries which not only have affected the whole family, but may continue to affect them as they reach adult life. For instance, they may be subjected to long-term reconstructive surgery, or permanent scarring, hence why it is important to claim now, either to support the family whilst they are young, or for your child to receive as an adult.

Claim for a childhood accident

If you were involved in an accident as a child which caused a considerable impact on your life, long term medical issues or severe scarring, you’re entitled to claim up to three years after reaching 18. Time limits on making a claim for injuries received as a child are strict, so it’s important to act now to get the compensation you deserve.

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