Work-related Stress Compensation

If pressure at work becomes excessive it may cause harm, especially if it continues over a long period of time. Employers could be considered liable if the stress is caused by their actions, for example excessive workload, inadequate training or poor working relationships (including bullying).

Under health and safety regulations, employers should undertake risk assessments to manage levels of stress in the workplace or they could be liable for compensation.

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Can I claim for stress?

Stress-related compensation claims are difficult and complex cases, mainly due to the fact that mental illness is a hidden issue and it is hard to understand the intricate workings of a person’s mentality. However, if you have experienced the following you may be eligible for compensation:

  • a medically recognised psychiatric illness or injury;
  • a work place which poses real risk of causing psychiatric illness and the employer knew (or ought to have known) of the potential damage;
  • given the foreseeable risk, the employer failed to take reasonable or adequate steps to prevent or reduce the risk of harm to the employee;
  • the employee's psychiatric injury was caused, or contributed to, by the work and the employer's breach of duty;
  • an employer was informed of an individual’s struggle with stress in the work place and continued to fail to provide adequate safety measures.

YouClaim can help

Our dedicated solicitors have years of experience dealing with work-related illness cases, and will be able to advise on the merits of bringing a claim against the employer if their actions or inactions could be judged as negligent.

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