Claim for hearing loss in the armed forces

In recent years, hearing loss and damage amongst members of the armed forces is becoming more prevalent. It leaves soldiers struggling to adapt to life back home, often unable to work, and can often trigger emotional issues.

Many soldiers who have returned home due to serious cases of industrial deafness and tinnitus have decided to pursue hearing loss claims. The majority of these cases are settled out of court, with millions of pounds paid out in compensation to thousands of soldiers who have not had their hearing sufficiently protected.

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The army's obligations to you and when you can claim

Army officers are obligated to ensure all military personnel are provided with adequate hearing protection if exposed to loud noises in training and combat.

Compensation claims of this nature are often very complex as it is difficult to determine whether ear protection was issued and ignored, or whether poor training and awareness of risk led to the removal of safety equipment. Determining blame is especially difficult when considering the traumatic environment.

The YouClaim team specialises in industrial disease claims, and has comprehensive experience in winning complicated claims for armed forces veterans, delivering the very best results for the victim. Our knowledge and skills in medical law, industrial illness and work place claims puts us in the optimum position to deliver positive results for each and every client.

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If you have served in any area of the armed forces since 1987 and have suffered hearing damage as a result, the Ministry of Defence may be responsible for your injuries as a result of a failure to provide proper hearing protection.

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