Brown lung compensation

Brown lung is another term for byssinosis, a lung disease which is caused by exposure to the dust produced in the cotton making process.  While this kind of illness may have been more apparent during industrial times, textile workers are still at risk of developing the condition if the proper health and safety precautions are not taken.

What is brown lung?

Brown lung develops when workers inhale endotoxin, which is produced by cotton. This substance causes the airways to narrow and become discoloured, hence the name of the condition.
Sufferers of this condition present with a range of respiratory symptoms, including:

•    Chest tightness
•    Coughing and wheezing
•    Constriction of the trachea
•    Lung scarring
•    Respiratory failure

Some cases of brown lung can prove fatal, particularly if a worker was exposed to high levels of endotoxin over a lengthy period of time.

Claim compensation for an industrial disease

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect workers from the risks of industrial diseases such as byssonisis.

If you have been diagnosed with brown lung or any other form of industrial illness or work injury, our team may be able to help you secure compensation if negligence on the part of your employer was to blame.

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