Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

The workplace presents many hazards. Some may be obvious, such as dangerous machinery or chemicals, whilst others are less apparent, such as asbestos, vibrating equipment and noise pollution, which may lead to industrial diseases such as mesothelioma and vibration white finger.

However great or small the risk of injury, employers have a duty of care to their staff and customers to prevent any illnesses or accidents in the workplace. If you have contracted an industrial disease due to your work you are legally entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

We have experience in successfully claiming on behalf of many clients who have suffered industrial illnesses, including victims of:

Why make a claim?

A financial settlement can help considerably after suffering an illness. Many industrial diseases are long term or permanent conditions which not only affect the individual, but have an impact on their whole family. Compensation will account for lost earnings, can support someone who is out of work, and can help purchase medical equipment, attend specialist appointments and rehabilitation programmes.

Your employer will have an employer insurance policy, which will fund any financial settlement. Our highly skilled and experienced industrial disease solicitors will work with integrity and tact to maintain positive working relations with your employer. Many people who claim compensation continue in their role, and if you wish to continue in your current job, we’ll do our utmost to ensure there is no unnecessary conflict.

YouClaim can help

Industrial disease claims require an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor who understands the issues and complexities surrounding your circumstances.

YouClaim has successfully sought millions of pounds of compensation on behalf of clients affected by industrial disease. To make an industrial illness claim with an expert legal team call us on 0800 10 757 95, fill in our contact form or chat online for impartial advice on whether you are eligible to claim.

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