Illness Compensation Claims

Falling ill whilst on holiday is an occurrence that affects thousands of holidaymakers every year. Illnesses disrupt holidays and have the potential to significantly reduce the pleasure experienced during a holiday, causing pain and disruption. When the illness is caused by the negligence of another party it can often be even more distressing for the victim.

There are a variety of illnesses which can affect holiday makers both at home and abroad, these include:

Typical causes of illness

Whilst some of these illnesses are more serious than others, they can all have a detrimental effect on a holiday, often forcing sufferers to incur large costs in the form of medical treatment and specialist medication.  Some of the most common causes of holiday illnesses include:

  • Staff not following customer allergy requests
  • Negligence on the part of tour organisers
  • Safety regulations not being adhered to correctly
  • Unclean and poorly maintained hotel rooms
  • Unclean kitchens and inadequate food preparation
  • Failure to provide the correct safety equipment such as mosquito nets

Claim for compensation

If you can prove that the negligence of another party such as your holiday tour operator was to blame for you contracting a diseases, you could be entitled to compensation. Tour operators, restaurant hotel owners and anybody else organising activities for you on holiday all have a duty of care to protect your wellbeing. If you can prove there has been a failure to do so you could be in a strong position to make a claim

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