Holiday illness compensation claims

Unfortunately incidents of illness whilst on holiday are not uncommon and can often ruin trips both at home and abroad. YouClaim have a strong track record of winning compensation for illnesses developed whilst on holiday. If you have suffered any form of illness that was due to the negligence of another party, such as your tour operator, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Who is responsible for your health?

If you are taken ill during a holiday organize by a tour operator they can be held responsible for your illness. For example if you are served food that is unfit for human consumption and become ill as a consequence it is your tour operator who is responsible.  

Common causes of illness

  • Meat not being cooked thoroughly
  • Food handlers touching and preparing food without washing hands
  • Food that has been reheated or left standing for far too long
  • Food poisoning from out of date food
  • Flies and insects contaminating food
  • Birds and other animals being permitted to contaminate food service areas
  • Salads and fruit washed in tap water
  • Use of ice which has not been prepared using filtered water

Common illnesses

There are several illnesses that can be contracted whilst on holiday and their symptoms can include from vomiting, fever, diarrhea, stomach cramps and fatigue. Illnesses can come from a number of sources and can sometimes be very infectious. Illnesses are caused by bacterial infections such as:

Other causes of illness include legionnaires' disease, tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, bites from poisonous creatures and food poisoning.

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