Hip dysplasia compensation claims

One in every 1000 babies born develop Hip Dysplasia and it can be a result of an injury suffered during an awkward birth, such as a breech birth. It can cause mobility issues in sufferers and often affects people long into adulthood.

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Hip dysplasia and clinical negligence

Although referred to as a congenital condition it is much more accurate to describe it as developmental as it is not always present at birth, yet may cause serious complications in a few years’ time.

Doctors, nurses and midwives should regularly check an infant's hip movement, even if the initial post-natal check seems normal. Hip movement should also be checked throughout the continuing health supervision, up until a child is walking. The later a case of hip dysplasia is recognised the more complicated it is to remedy.

If health professionals failed to check for, or notice, hip dysplasia and you, or your child, is suffering as a result you might be entitled to compensation.

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