Theatre accident claims

While they may not appear risky on the surface theatres can be dangerous places, home to a wide variety of dangers.

Risks of slips and trips are obvious, and performers on a stage could misjudge the amount of space they have and fall from the stage to the ground. Heavy lights and other pieces of equipment also pose an element of risk to those working in the entertainment industry.

The dangers of dancing

In 2004 a professional dancer was awarded substantial damages after her career ended following a stage accident on tour with a top stage show.

On the opening night at one of the venues, the dancer fell as she danced off stage and into an unlit section of the wings. Her ankle was badly injured.

After immediate treatment, intensive physiotherapy and further microsurgery to the ankle, the performer was still unable to resume her dancing career and took the show's production company to court to claim compensation for her accident.

Other risks in theatres include:

  • Prop injuries
  • Falls from harnesses/structures
  • Electrocution from lighting rigs

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Stages are fraught with dangers, particularly due to the temporary nature of many of the fixtures and fittings, such as lighting, scenery and stage props. There may also be pyrotechnics and electric cables that increase the risk of fire and explosion. Your employer has a responsibility to mitigate these risks and protect you from harm

If you have had an accident that was not your fault whilst performing or involved with a theatre or music production, you could make a no win no fee theatre injury compensation claim.

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