Can you claim fishing injury compensation?

It might be surprising to hear that fishing is the source of the highest proportion of work-related injury across Europe.

The highest proportional industrial sector in Britain for accidents is agriculture and second place both at home and in European nations is, less surprisingly, the construction industry.

Those who have been injured while working on fishing boat or in another role in the industry might think they do not have the legal right to claim as their job is hazardous – but this isn’t accurate. Here at YouClaim we have secured compensation for a number of people who have been injured while working jobs in the industry. Call us today on 0800 10 757 95 to see if you can claim.

The industry

Fishing is a major food-producing industry, employing thousands of people who daily go into danger to bring home supplies of fish for all to buy and cook. Most jobs in the sector bring with them some element of risk, and some of the most common are detailed below.

  • Drowning – perhaps the most obvious cause of death among staff and there are numerous ways for this to happen. Workers wear heavy protective clothing to keep out the worst of the elements but should he either fall or be washed overboard wearing such clothes is likely to drag him down. 
  • Vessel crashes – many of the best spots are also areas of the ocean noted for incredibly inclement weather conditions and this means ship crashes or sinking incidents are always a risk
  • Equipment accidents - the job requires hard manual labour and equipment used can cause serious injury or even death. Hands could be trapped and damaged in nets, winches or other onboard apparatus and broken limbs could occur through slips, trips and falls on slippery decks.

Other risks onboard a vessel

Other risks for those employed in the industry include injuries from their catch. Nips from lobsters and crabs, stings from jellyfish and similar injuries can all be claimed for. There are the usual hazards of life on board a small boat including:

  • Burns from cooking accidents
  • Flying debris
  • Illnesses and infection

As regards responsibility for this range of sea-borne hazards – of course people having a duty to look after themselves and many fishermen are self-employed and only work at a local level. However, employers, whether they are vessel captains or large scale frozen food companies, also have a duty of care to staff.

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