Claim for a Slip or Trip at Work

Slips, trips and falls are common in a wide variety of workplaces – and unfortunately, these simple incidents, which can happen so easily, can have serious implications for victims, especially if a head injury is involved.

If you’ve fallen at work and it has left you with an injury which has forced you to take time off and lose earnings, we can help you to claim compensation. Call the team here on 0800 10 757 95 to find out more.

Common Causes

Falls down steps are very common and anyone, such as a meter reader, postman or delivery driver, who has to regularly climb up and down unfamiliar stairways will be well aware of the potential hazards. However, they might not be aware of which hazards are most likely to cause an accident.

Liquids spilled and obstructions on treads are quite common and it is important that there is sufficient lighting around steps as well as a handrail or guards to enable safe walking for both visitors and employees at any public building.

Slips and trips can also be an issue in offices - falls down stairs, resulting in broken bones, bruises and sprains, can occur in any building and it is vital for employers to take steps to prevent such accidents.

Additionally, the weather, particularly when it’s snowy or icy, can cause slips and trips resulting in sprains, fractures or breaks to ankles or wrists, as well as head injuries.   

Employer’s Duty

Employers have a duty to prevent work-related injury and industrial accidents, but employees too should be aware of their own safety and that of their colleagues, and should report any potential hazards as soon as possible.

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Claiming Compensation with YouClaim

At YouClaim, we understand that suffering a slip, trip or fall at work can have physical and psychological repercussions and we want to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

If your accident was not your fault and could have been prevented, then we can help you receive compensation to cover the cost of treatment and loss of earnings.

To make a slip or trip at work compensation claim, speak to an expert solicitor on 0800 10 757 95 or request a call-back and we will get your claim for compensation underway.

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