Forklift truck injury claims

Many people are not aware of the prevalence of forklift accidents in the UK – statistics show that every year, there are 8,000 accidents involving a forklift truck. Many of these result in serious injuries, whilst more than 10 are fatal. Most accidents can be attributed to improper training, poor workplace layout or a lack of appropriate machinery maintenance.

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Claiming compensation

Any worker who, through no fault of their own, suffers injuries in an accident involving a forklift truck is entitled to claim compensation.

Such accidents are most often due to the negligence of a third party or a lack of appropriate health and safety measures in the workplace Employers have insurance in place to cover claims made against them, making it possible for current and former employees to make claims without the need for concern regarding company finances or future relations.

Claiming compensation allows you to recover lost earnings and support your family whilst you are out of work.

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